We are an adventure-themed lifestyle brand.

Bidwell Supply Co. is a design-driven clothing and accessory brand based in Chico, California. Our store has a large selection of apparel and accessories unique to our brand.

Spirit of Northern California

Our main focus is the outdoors—the creeks, the rivers, the swimming holes, the historical landmarks, and nature in general. We're proud to reflect the spirit of California living and the heart of the Chico, CA lifestyle through our products.


Along with our brand products, you'll also find a wide array of local artisan products (at our physical store only). We have jewelry, candles, soaps, signs, and everything in between.


It's important to be connected to our community, and we try to source locally as much as possible for our products. We do all the design and printing here at Bidwell Supply to keep our brand authentic, and sustainable.


Come shop in person at our store: 800 Bruce Rd in Chico, CA. You'll find it to be a welcoming and friendly environment with tons of gifting options for you—or for that special person that needs a one-of-a-kind gift. Our store has easy access with no parking meters, no big crowds, just park and shop near Bidwell Park.


At Bidwell Supply we take environmentally friendly approaches to our production. We use chemical free printing methods such as the use of water based screen printing. We air dry our apparel when possible before curing, and use small batch print runs based on need rather than overprinting—to keep a small footprint. We are always thinking about environmental preservation here at BSC.


We started our brand in 2016 and sold our products in various retail outlets. In 2019 we opened up our first store location on Park Ave in Chico, CA. In 2021 we moved to our new location—800 Bruce Road, next to Bellachino's Cafe. We are now walking distance from Bidwell Park.

The Bidwell Name

Our brand is named after John and Annie Bidwell, who founded Chico, CA here in Northern California. In the 1860's they were an integral part of growth in the North State. They were responsible for establishing Bidwell park, which is now one of the biggest municipal parks in the United States.