We will send you free merchandise (shirts, products, etc.) to ship to your address of choice in the USA. Or if you are local, feel free to pick up. How many shirts, styles, designs, sizes, and colors will be determined based on individual collaboration.

You'll take pictures of yourself, kids, or friends/relatives* or have them take pictures of you, with our merchandise on. Then send your best photographs to us. We are looking for candid, down to earth photos.


Basic Level Benefits (could vary per agreement):

  • Your photos/videos featured on one or more of Bidwell Supply media platforms, such as our website, and/or social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook. An example would be a website blog, featured product, post, story, or reel.
  • You keep the products/apparel used in the photos. This is valued at $20–$57 per garment—ranging from infant shirts to adult hoodies.
  • One time 25% coupon on Bidwell Supply Apparel. (use online or at our physical store).

Influencer Level Benefits: (could vary per agreement):

  • Basic benefits included.
  • Payment options available in certain cases where influencers or other brands have a relatable audience that would benefit all.
  • Specific Bidwell Supply discount code where you receive credit per sale. To qualify you should have a significant amount of followers that would connect with our brand products.


Send completed photos to our email address:

We’ll ask official approval to use the photo(s) on social media and/or our website. If someone shot photos of you or your kids we will just need permission from you since you'd be the model, and the name of the person that shot the photo—if they would like to be credited.

*If you shot photos of anyone other than yourself, such as your husband/wife, friend, or relatives (which is fine), you’ll need to CC them and have them approve through the email too.

Photo Post Production:
Sometimes there's something that needs to edited out of the photo, a mistake, glare, etc. Depending on the detail we could possibly fix it if the photo has potential. We may do some editing such as color correcting, lighting adjustments as well on the photos in our professional software programs. Even with candid photos, many need a little editing.



Feel free to shoot with a standard smart phone, such as iPhones, Samsung, etc., they work perfect for these type of shots. If you have a DSLR and have more experience with photography, then feel free. Though absolutely not required.

Avoid glamour photos, school portrait style, and over filtering. But don’t let that stop you from being creative, thinking about light, composition, and context is good (sitting on a bike, etc). Aim at producing a photo that you’d be happy with personally as well.

The design/artwork on the shirt is important in our brand, However, we are also interested in a meaningful shot of the “person” in the shirt, not just the shirt on the person. Shoot so one can see the design on the shirt—but equally as important is to aim for a visually interesting candid photograph. Okay to partially see the graphic in some cases (70% to 80%) if the photo is a keeper.

Parks and Nature 
Picnic tables, park benches, hiking trails, trees, bridges, logs, creeks, rivers, oceans, bicycling trails, paths, woods, sunset, vista, dogs, farms, animals, and many more.

Home Environment
Use your home, front or back yard, patio, pools, cars, barbecues, swing sets, gardens, fences, pets, and many more.

Urban Lanscape
Brick walls, murals, streets, alley ways, wooden fences, corrugated metal, pillars, interesting windows, stairways, and many more.

Happy Shots
Shoot with someone showing cheerfulness, joy, smiling, excited, laughing, etc.

Action Shots
Being engaged in an activity like hiking, riding a bike, sports (kicking a ball, etc), jumping on the bed or trampoline, dancing, and mabny more.

Serious Shots
Deep in thought looking at the sky, sunset vista shot, sitting on a couch reading a book, painting, leaning against a car in the garage, proud, intense, playing an instrument, and many more.

Thoughts on mood: Combinations of the above categories work well too, so don’t feel pressured into one, these are just ideas. Just have the model be themselves during the activity, and shoot even when they are not expecting it, sometimes those are the best for lifestyle shots.

  • Avoid harsh light, shoot in the mornings and evenings when possible, though not required.
  • Be mindful of what's in the background, that it doesn't take away from the focus of the model.
  • Think of where the model is positioned within the photo frame. Try different angles, try facing front, or at 45 degree angles from the left to the right, or an up or down shot.
  • A model looking directly into the camera isn't the only way to go, though in some cases they look good too. But we'd also recommend experimenting interacting with something, nature, etc. and not making eye contact.
  • Avoid shooting in other stores.
  • Consider distance when shooting: 1) Close Up 2) Mid Range 3) Long Shot. Just a starting point—sometimes they fall in between these and that can work well too.
  • Avoid having other brands (where logos are visible) mixed in with our apparel. Branded hats in particular. Though non-branded hats are fine.
  • No sad or angry shots, though we realize that’s obvious in this context—but had to note it just in case.